Thursday, May 1, 2008

WE Are Being Shown!!!

I really do not have much information on the situation except we are being shown and the young girl is 16. Jane said her dad is the one who contacted Open Door and is very supportive of his daughter! Also birth mother's SW has told Jane that she is a really pretty girl  and she is very sweet!! I am sosososo excited that we are already being shown again! Also I am thankful that this young birth mothers family is supportive of her! I hope if we are chosen and they will want more of a open adoption! I do not know how every one feels about this, but can you ever have to many people to love a baby? I say no! Like we love to say " it takes a village" !! I will be on pins and needles I know all weekend! I know in my heart God has a plan. Our child will be born in the perfect season for us!! If this is not our child it just was not the one for our family. I really here the past few weeks  truly feel it is right around the corner for us!! I need to just relax and know I have no control of the situation. 

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