Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We are in Florida!

We are in Florida waiting out the last few days! I will be so happy when these 10 days have finally passed !! I am ready to be back home to begin trying to get some kind of a routine down. I still can not believe I have been blessed with such a beautiful miracle. Carter is everything that we had been praying for and more! We have all fallen head over heals in love with this little man. It is safe to say Carter has us all wrapped around his little finger! Lindsey has been such a huge helper! Cleaning and making bottles, changing diapers, and really being there with out us even asking. She is so happy about our new addition to our family!

We will be leaving Destn on Saturday. We plain to go back to GA and meeting Courtney and her dad for lunch before returning home. We are so excited that we will be able to see them once again before returning home. We are already making plans for the next time we will get to see them. We all are looking forward to being able to introduce our little Carter to each and every one of you. We miss you all!!

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