Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We Have been Chosen!!!

I was dead a sleep when I was woken up by Jane!!! I have to say as long as I am alive I will never forget this moment!!! She thought I was Lindsey when I answered the phone!! I sound so young! LOL!! Then she said we have some great news for you  "your family has been chosen by Courtney"! I ran down stairs and text Adam while she was giving me all the information. Such as family history, her hobbies, and what her and the dad look like! I AM SOSOSOSOSOSOSO excited! This could really be it!! After I got off the phone w/ Jane I called her SW Marissa. She seems like a wonderful person. I wanted to contact her and find out more information. I was extremely relieved to find out that Marissa and An Open Door will be there for Cournety after the birth. Marissa said she looks like she is pretty far into her pregnancy! She will be going to her first doctors appointment on Monday we will know more then. I am hoping to hear back from Marissa here soon we really want to hopefully meet with them this weekend! I much rather meet them in person instead of doing a conference call! I want her and her dad to have peace of mind with the decision they have made. I can believe this is happening! I feel as though I am dreaming! I am going to have a BABY!! May 6.2008 a day never to forget!!

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