Thursday, May 22, 2008


I can not still believe it we have our son! We received the call at 4:38 a.m. on Sunday May 18, 2008. When the phone rang I sat straight up and said "Oh ...... Adam get up our baby is coming"!! Then I answered the phone. Marissa said Courtney is in labor!! She is 4 cm and is staying in the hospital. The next thing we know I am running around like a mad women. I am glad no one could see me!LOL!! I was running in and out of my closet saying what do I do what do I do ! I do not know What to do!! Then I remember throwing my clothes out of my closet! Then yelling at Adam because he was just lying in bed staring at me! He kept on saying now baby lets sit down and breath and thank through what we are doing!! I am telling you at that moment I really wanted to put my hands around his throat and squeeze.

Finally we were on the road at 7:18 in the morning! We got another call Marissa at around 8 saying she was 7 cm and that Jack Ass of a doctor will not give Courtney epidural because she did not take a class on it! What the Hell! I swear only if I would have been there. I was at doctors appointment and at no point were we told anything about a class or no epidural! I am wondering if he was just trying to teach her some lesson! ASS!!!! Marissa said in all of her years she has never head of such!

So 9:12 central time our son is born!! Marissa called and held the phone up so we were able to hear our little man. What lungs on him! The next 7 hours were honestly the longest drive of my life. Carter Andrew Burbules weighed 6 pounds 4 oz and was 18 1/2 inches long. Dark brown hair, blue gray eyes just perfect in every way!!

We were able to be there with Courtney and her family! I love her dad and mama Dot. They are amazing. I feel so lucky not only do we have a beautiful boy but we have gained a new extended family! The hospital staff were great they put us in a private suit and we were allowed to keep him in our room with overnight. He did great I had to wake him up to feed and change him! I have fallen head over heals in love with him! I love him just as though I carried him for 9 months. 

Monday May 19, 2008 she signed her TPR papers then we signed our placement papers! She has 10 days from May 20 to change her mind. I do not see her changing her mind she really wants the best for her baby and she feels like we are what is best for him!! 


Jessica and Eddie said...

I cannot wait to see the pictures. So excited for your family.

Michelle and Peter said...

I don't know what made me check your blog to see how you were doing but I did. Congrats I am so happy things worked out for you he is beautiful. We too pulled from Vietnam to pursue domestic.

from the old WC family