Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back Home from GA!!

We are home and it could not have gone any better!! I love Courtney we truly are blessed! She is a very pretty, strong, smart, amazing, loving, kind, generous, fun, young lady! From the first time I saw her when she got out of the car I really felt like we bonded. We all hugged and it was not forced! We still did not get a due date we know though she is at least 35 weeks! I am thinking he will come a lot sooner though! I just have this feeling! I do not like her doctor at all! I called Marissa today about seeing about getting her a new doctor. Marissa says he is the best in town that takes her insurance. If he is the best I would hate to meet the rest in town. I just do not trust him. If I could he my way I would have her to a specialist! I just want to make sure Courtney is taken care of. I feel so helpless up here not that I know what I could do if I was down there any way. It killed me driving away from her. I just pray she knows that Adam and I truly care about her. I truly want the best for her and not just because she is caring our baby. She could change her mind and I would be crushed o.k. divested. I would live. If she decides to keep her baby we would not be mad or hateful we just want what she wants. she is going though a difficult time in her life. I want it to be as easy as possible. My hopes is that she will heal quickly since she will be able to see him when ever she wants!! Oh, have said it is a BOY!!

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