Sunday, April 27, 2008

Not Chosen!

 We  found out yesterday that the young girl did not chose us! I was a little disappointed, however I know in my heart that just was not our baby! I am very encouraged by our new agency!! Even though we found out that baby was not ours Jane told me their was a young girl that would be seeing our profile yesterday along with two others! I am hopeful that we will receive good news here very soon! Just to know our book has been shown twice now in less then 3 weeks is great! When you consider our profile has not been seen even one time with the other agency in almost 6 months this is really really great! So I have hope! We have hope for our little angel to be with us before we know it! Your never know we could have our call today that out little angel is being born! I have to say I do not know how I will handle the call! I believe we are ready, but how do we really now for sure! I hope I can remain claim and not completely freak!!

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Jessica and Eddie said...

Hi Michelle,
I wanted to see if you would email me at I wanted to see if I could ask you a few questions about the domestic program. We are thinking of going with Bethany and just wanted to talk to you.