Monday, April 14, 2008

A Call From Jane

It is so exciting to get a call from my new social worker! She is always so sweet and always has such kind and encouraging words! This call was extra special, Jane said she could not leave work until she called me to let me know that our profile had been shown today to a young girl expecting a boy in July!! It is the first time our profile has been shown. I was just happy to know that they were showing our profile!! Then Jane told me that she had taken our profile home along with one other couples! How exciting! I am doing my best not to get overly excited or my hopes up! I know in my heart if this is what God wants for us, this little baby boy, it will happen!! Right know My thoughts and prayers are with this young girl, that God will feel heart with peace, and guide her to the right family! This young girl is doing such an amazing selfless act of love for her unborn child. We have not yet spoken and I know very little about her but somehow I already respect and admire her. Even if it is not us that she picks I will be praying for her and her family!

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