Thursday, April 10, 2008

Working With Two Agencies!!!

The other night as I am doing some research on adoption I came across a small agency in GA. On their site it read UGENT Caucasian families needed! I called the next day and spoke with Jane Gilbert. She told me they had adopted 8 babies last month and it had caused there pool of families to dry up!! Only 3 families left in the pool! She said they would wave their up front fees! So I contacted Bethany and they said that they are a highly respect agency! Denise with Bethany sent Jane my file as of today she has my profiles!! We are ready to be shown! It will be nice just to know our profile has been shown! In the 5 months of being with Bethany our profile has yet to be shown!!! It is so exciting to think we could have a little one any day now!!! 

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Jonny and Beka said...

HI! My husband and I are in the process of having our homestudy updated for our next adoption. Would you mind sharing with me the name of the agency who is looking for adoptive parents? Thank you so much! ~Rebekah