Saturday, July 5, 2008

What A Smile!!

I can not say that I have ever seen a baby with such a big smile at such a young age!! The doctor says he is advanced. He has been smiling since he was about 3 1/2 weeks. He has complete control over his head, he is able to focus on people and objects. He follows voices and has begun to laugh!! All has taken place less than 6 weeks old! When I first told some of my clients about this they said" this I have to see for myself". They could not believe what I was telling them. So when they saw him they were indeed shocked. They told me I was not just a proud Momma!! Carter is such a amazing little angel! So everyone this is a baby at just 5 weeks smiling!

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Carra & Casey said...

Hey Michelle,

I had the link from your old blog on mine and I finally click on your new link and saw Carter. He is so cute. We are still on the list for VN currently #103 and we are looking into other options because VN is not progressing. I have waited so long to be a mother and I can't wait any longer. If you don't mind to share the info of the agency you went through I would love it. Take care hugs to Carter. Carra